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What are seminar days?

On 16 Wednesdays this school year, all students will break from their regular classes and attend seminars that will address the career and health education curriculums.  Students will also have the choice and flexibility to attend a Learning Centre that best meets their individual needs for their current classes.

seminar schedule

Most of these seminars are pre-scheduled and can be seen on student schedules in Student Connect.  Learning Centres are scheduled for students but students will register for their preferred Learning Centre using the FLEX feature on student connect (much like final exams this past June).

seminar timetable

Why seminar days?

As a part of BC’s new curriculum, there is an increased focus on career education (Career and Life Education replacing Planning 10), health education has been integrated into Physical Education (now called Physical and Health Education), and schools are now required to report on BOTH a Fine Arts (FA) AND an applied skill (ADST) experience for students in Grade 9.

As a staff, we feel that Seminar Days provide a creative way to address these new requirements while making minimal changes to the structure of our school day and elective classes.  They will also provide the opportunity for meaningful experiences for our students that are in line with the philosophy of the new curriculum.

What will students learn during seminar days?

Seminar days will provide students with curriculum aligned with Career Education and Physical and Health Education.  All students will also receive seminars in Mental Heath Literacy and students in Grade 9 will take a seminar that teaches Learning Strategies for high school.  The table below outlines all seminars by grade.

seminar modules

Are Seminar Days mandatory?

YES!!!  Content covered on seminar days will be reported on, through report cards, as a component of Physical and Health Education and as the Career Education 9 and Career and Life Education Courses.  Like any other course at Jackson, students will be required to make up any missed work if they are absent.  Please note that Career and Life Education is a course required for graduation.

New Opportunities

Staff at Jackson are excited for the opportunities that Seminar Days will provide for our students:

  • Engaging and meaningful experiences in career education in both Grades 9 and 10.
  • Health Education Seminars to preserve physical activity in Physical and Health Education classes.
  • Mental Health Literacy for all Students.
  • Learning Strategies for Grade 9 students.
  • Ensuring all Grade 9 students have an experience in both Applied Skills (ADST) and Fine Arts.
  • Choice and Flexibility for students to self-identify individual learning needs through Learning Centres.

As with anything new, we acknowledge that there will be a few bumps along the road as we implement Seminar Days.  Many staff members have put in an extraordinary amount of work into the planning of Seminar Days to predict and address challenges.  However, we ask for patience and flexibility as we fine-tune this amazing opportunity for our students.