At Jackson, we are creating a unique identity for our unique school.  We are J.L Jackson with a long history in the community of Salmon Arm.  Originally our teams were known as the Jackson Jets and Jacks and then inherited the Golds and Jewels when Jackson and Sullivan were amalgamated.  The Ministry of Education recognizes Jackson as independent from Sullivan and its once again time to have a name of our own.

Staff and Students are invited to submit team name suggestions:

  • In writing to the office;
  • Emailed to; or
  • Survey completed on our website

Submissions must include a team name (one name for all teams) and why you feel this name represents Jackson.

  • A team name should be inclusive and characterize our values, teams style of play, symbolize our community characteristics, or represent another source of pride.
  • A graphic designer will suggest logos once a few names are short-listed


  • Call for submissions from students/staff – February 21
  • Submission Deadline – March 18
  • Short-list presented to school community for feedback – April 18

Communicate new branding to the school community – May

Choose your mask!

If they so wish, SD83 students and staff can once again resume using cloth or non-medical face masks.

When schools re-opened in January, with the highly contagious Omicron variant spreading, SD83 made the decision to supply medical three-ply masks to all students and medical or KN95 masks to all staff, in an effort to help keep everyone healthy and schools open. With numbers now trending downwards, and as promised, this short term measure has now ended.

The district has a good supply of 3-ply children’s masks, which will still be available to students.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to do the daily health check, staying home if you are ill, washing/sanitizing your hands, and wearing masks indoors.

Updates to health check

Public Health and the Ministry of Education have recently updated recommendations and requirements around managing COVID-19.

Click on the link for the Daily Health Check and What To Do If You Are Sick document from public health. The Ministry’s K-12 Daily Health Check app/website is currently being updated and will be available soon.

The main message continues to be please stay home if you are sick, and to use all layers of protection available to you (vaccinations, hand hygiene, and masking). COVID-19 testing is no longer recommended for those with mild symptoms that can be managed at home. School COVID-19 Safety Plans (including hand hygiene and masking inside the school) remain the same.

There are some other changes, including how long someone with COVID-19 has to self-isolate. Please refer to the chart below:

Updated Assessment Schedule

Please note:

Graduation Literacy and Numeracy exams have been cancelled for the January sitting.

Thursday January 27 is course completion day – Teachers will invite students to attend who need to complete work to finish their classes.

Friday January 28 is semester turn around day – No school for students this day

Monday January 31 – First day of semester 2!

Provincial Assessments Cancelled

Attn: Grade 10 Students and Families,

The following email was sent home to grade 10 students and families:

Good afternoon,

Today I visited grade 10 students who were expecting to write either or both the provincial literacy and numeracy assessments next week informing students that these assessments were likely to be cancelled. This email serves as confirmation that students will not write either provincial assessment next week. The Ministry of Education has decided to cancel the January session for these assessments for the entire province, citing complications due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are awaiting further clarification from the Ministry, but it still expected that grade 10 students will complete both assessments at a later date to be eligible to graduate. Further information will be communicated home as it becomes available. 

Rhys Waters

Vice Principal