Salmon Arm Secondary PAC welcomes all parents of students in grades 9 thru 12! 

We hope you will join us in supporting our children’s educational experience by being active members of the parent advisory council. Our PAC does not currently fundraise, but we do need input from our members on the allocation of Gaming Funds. This is the perfect way to have a positive influence on the way funding is spent for your child. Since each meeting is attended by a member of the school’s administration, you will be receiving first hand information about various aspects of school life as well as having the chance to have your questions answered.

Meeting Schedule

SAS Parents/guardians are welcome to attend our monthly PAC meetings.

  • Thurs, September 27, 2018 (7pm @ SAS-Jackson Library)
  • Tues, October 23, 2018 (5:30pm @ SAS-Sullivan Library) – Gaming Grant Presentations
  • Tues, November 27, 2018 (7pm @ SAS-Jackson Library)
  • Tues, January 15, 2019 (7pm @ SAS-Sullivan Library)
  • Tues, February 19, 2019 (7pm @ SAS-Jackson Library)
  • Tues, April 16, 2019 (7pm @ SAS-Sullivan Library)
  • Tues, May 21, 2019 (7pm @ SAS-Jackson Library)
  • Melanie Clark (Chair)
  • Karen Hansen (Treasurer)
  •  (Secretary)
  •  (DPAC Reps)
PAC Constitution