Course Selections

This page has been updated for the 2022-2023 course selection process, but is subject to change as final details are determined.

Below are some important dates that students will be getting presentations about courses for next schoolyear, having conversations with their families, and selecting courses. The course selection process collects critical data for creating student schedules, and building our school timetable. If you Jackson student is away during a presentation, please have them check in with a counsellor to ensure their requests for next year are recorded!

Grade 8 Course Presentations at Feeder Schools

Tues, Feb 22 @ Ranchero, South Canoe and Silver Creek

Thurs, Feb 24 @ Carlin and North Shuswap

Mon, Feb 28 @ SMS

Grade 9 Course Presentations

Tues and Thurs, Feb 8 and 10, B Block

Grade 9 Course Selections

Weds and Thurs, March 2 and 3, C Block

Grade 10 Course Presentations and Selections


Course Planning Resources