Updated Assessment Schedule

Please note:

Graduation Literacy and Numeracy exams have been cancelled for the January sitting.

Thursday January 27 is course completion day – Teachers will invite students to attend who need to complete work to finish their classes.

Friday January 28 is semester turn around day – No school for students this day

Monday January 31 – First day of semester 2!

Winter Holidays

The last day of school before winter holidays is Friday December 17.

The staff at Jackson would like to wish all of our students and families a safe and restful holiday season.

The first day of school following the break is Tuesday January 4.

Interim Consultation Week October 4-8

Parents, please look for communication regarding your child’s progress this week. Due to continued COVID concerns we have cancelled our Meet-The-Teacher evening however, you may still request a meeting with a teacher at any time.

At SAS-Jackson, during the Interim Reporting Consultation Week, teachers provide student & parents with an informal report on student progress, in relation to the curriculum, that may describe:

  • what the student is able to do
  • the areas of learning that require further attention or development
  • ways the teacher is supporting the student’s learning needs
  • and, where appropriate, ways the student or the parents might support learning.

Informal reports are an important link between home and school and can take a variety of forms, such as:

  • telephone calls
  • interim reports (electronic, written, or oral)
  • meetings (parent-teacher-student)

It will be up to each teacher to determine how they will communicate student progress to students and parents, and to ensure that this is completed during the Interim Reporting Consultation Week.