Welcome to SAS Jackson!

The following email was sent to families of next year’s grade 9 students:

Dear Future Jackson Families!

While we are just over the halfway mark in what has been an incredibly challenging year, we are deep into planning for next year and are ready to proceed with course selections. There is still some uncertainty around what, if any, restrictions may still be in place for schools next year, but we will be prepared for all scenarios.

As new to Jackson students, our team will be visiting all feeder schools – of course adhering to all safety procedures. Our visit will be to provide information to next year’s grade 9s. After these information presentations, students will be bringing home a course planning sheet to review with a parent/guardian and return to their current school (please follow your school specific deadline for submission).

The formal course selection process will be completed using these forms, or online (specific to your student’s school). The course selection process will close prior to spring break.

A specific schedule for your student’s school is available on our website, here: https://jlj.sd83.bc.ca/course-selection/

Normally, part of this process includes a Jackson open house, which is a chance for parents to hear from the Jackson team, and ask questions about life at high school. Regrettably, we are unable to offer this same experience this year. We are still exploring ways we can connect with you, and field your questions – stay tuned for more information on a modified parent night experience.

We are excited to officially start the welcome to Jackson process, and look forward to getting to know our incoming students and families.

Welcome to SAS Jackson – A Culture that Cares!

Rhys Waters

Vice Principal

Grade 9 Course Selections for Grade 10

The following email was sent home to the families of grade 9 students:

Good afternoon,

The course selection process for next year is underway, and this email is to inform families that grade 9 students will receive a course planning presentation either today or tomorrow. Students will be bringing home a course planning sheet to review with families. Grade 10 is the start of the grad program, and significant educational programming decisions need to be discussed with your Jackson student, prior to completing course selections on March 4 or March 5. 

All course planning documents, including the Coures Catalog, are available on our website: https://jlj.sd83.bc.ca/course-selection/.

Thank you,

Rhys Waters

Vice Principal

Survey Request

Dear Jackson Families,

SD83 regularly solicits feedback on school administrators through a review process. Today, we are inviting parents and guardians who have children that attend Jackson to complete an anonymous electronic survey so that we can gather parent and guardian feedback for Mr. Steve Drapala, principal of Jackson.  Ryan Brennan, Assistant Superintendent, will collate the information and provide a summary to Mr. Drapala as part of the review.

Please look for an email regarding this survey, including the link to the anonymous survey.

Thank you!

Jackson Fall Sports Update

Jackson Athletes, Coaches and Parents,

As of August 13th, BC School Sports has banned interschool competition for the fall season. This means that there will be no competition in fall sports. However, teams MAY hold skill development and training practices as long as the following guidelines are met:

  • physical distance of two metres can be maintained between members of different learning groups (cohorts)
  • reduced physical contact can be practiced by those within the same learning group (school cohort)
  • teams present a COVID Team Safety Plan to the AD and administration.

Once school start up has begun, listen for announcements for which sports may be holding practices this fall. If you have any questions, please send them to Jackson’s Athletics director, Krys Pick at kpick@sd83.bc.ca.