Provision of Menstrual Products at Jackson

Every student in British Columbia should have access to healthy and effective learning environments; lack of access to menstrual products can negatively impact students’ school attendance and their social-emotional well-being. Providing all students with convenient access to free menstrual products helps to support their full participation in school activities, reduces stigma and promotes gender equality.  Menstrual products are readily available to students at Jackson, free of charge. 

At Jackson, menstrual products are available in the counseling centre and office.

Here is the link to the Ministry policy that is directing this initiative:

Relaxed Performance of Wizard of Oz

Shuswap Theatre is thrilled to announce a Relaxed Performance of The Wizard of Oz on Sunday, December 1st at 1:30pm. This performance will be modified in order to welcome those who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, sensory sensitivities, dementia, or parents with very young children (3 and under).

A relaxed performance is a growing trend among theatres, and the aim is to create an inclusive theatrical experience. In a relaxed performance, certain elements of the production, including expectations around audience behaviours, are “relaxed” so that those who might not be able to attend a typical evening of theatre can feel welcome.

Bus Lane

Just a friendly reminder to families dropping off students at Jackson that the yellow painted area is for bus drop off only.

We appreciate your efforts in keeping our morning drop off and afternoon pickup running as smoothly as possible for families and buses.