End of Year Information

The school will continue to be open for in-person learning through Wednesday, June 24.

June 15-19

While some teachers will continue to provide new home learning opportunities for their students, most will be using this week to conclude their courses.  This may include a review of critical concepts from the entire semester or an opportunity to work on home learning opportunities that have not been completed.

June 22-24

A-block teachers will be connecting with their students (through Teams) to complete a self-assessment of core competencies.  At Jackson, each student completes this self-assessment in June.  Ask your student to show you their completed self-assessment! 

Incomplete Courses

If students have not completed enough of their coursework to be in a position to receive a passing grade, classroom teachers would have already been in contact with you.  Teachers will continue to provide support to students both on-line and in-person through Wednesday, June 24.  If you would like your student to attend Jackson more than once a week, please contact the office and we will make that accommodation.

Report Cards

Semester 2 report cards will be made available to families on Thursday, June 25.  Report cards will be published to the MyEd BC student portal for viewing. We will send families an email with all of the necessary instructions prior to Thursday June 24.  If you would like a hard copy of the report card mailed to you please contact the Jackson office at 250.832.2136.

Student Schedules

Student schedules will be made available to students electronically in early July.  Any students wishing to make changes to their schedule will need to contact a school counselor in late August, prior to our return to school in September.  We will continue to update families on this process through email as well as our website.